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    Cutest talking cats :-)
    Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept "talking" for about one hour, constantly. Thanks for all the positive responses! - Update - Alot of questions have been asked concerning their relation to each ot...
    Christchurch Earthquake
    A second strong aftershock has just hit Christchurch following a 5.5 earthquake earlier today. The aftershock measured 5.5, was 11km deep and 10km southeast of Christchurch. It struck at 1pm and lasted for about 30 seconds. The first shock was followed ...
  • The scientists

    Posted by Expat Odyssey April 6, 2012

    The scientists cannot tell if the resistance has moved because mosquitoes carrying the resistant parasites have moved to the Burmese border or if it has arisen spontaneously among the population there. Either way the researchers involved say it raises the spectre of untreatable malaria. "Either the resistance has moved and it will continue to move and will eventually reach Africa. Or if it has emerged, now that artemisinin is the standard therapy worldwide then it means it could emerge anywhere," Prof Nosten told the BBC.